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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Adam

Today, my "little" brother turns 21.  I can't believe it!  I've always said that Adam is a "hamlet-type" and it's true.  Unpredictable and rather moody, his varied days of storm clouds and sunshine usually set the tone in our family.  He's just that kind of guy.  And I love every bit of him!  I wrote this poem for him a few months ago.  Adam himself isn't much for poetry and when he read it, he got this little grin, repeated the last line, grunted "huh," and then walked away.  :)  Which I think translates into, "I really appreciate that."  However, I was told by a poet that I greatly respect that this poem is just "okay."  I know it's nothing phenomenal, but it does communicate the complexity of my relationship with Adam...which is something of a moving target.  We have long, intense conversations and fellowship.  And then we won't really talk for a month...and we live in the same house.  Kinda crazy.  But Adam has taught me a lot about critical thinking and big goals and writing (he's an amazing writer!) and forgiveness.  Adam makes me laugh harder than anyone else.  He also can make me angrier than anyone else.  But we have similar personalities and seem to understand each other really well.  We are connected in a way that I cannot explain and our loyalties run pretty deep.  So...for whatever its worth...Happy Birthday to the funnest little brother ever!  I wish you many more years of writing and thinking... and I look forward to what God will do with those big dreams of yours.  :)

For Adam

Talking with you is
taking a step off the porch
into our usual wilderness.
Sometimes the grass is still wet
and I throw myself down in the dew
to soak my soul
and think your thoughts
to walk away soggy and simple and brisk.
Some days every step stings-
dry stalks destroying my socks
and slicing the skin on my feet
(acerbic the blood of our battles
bending footprints between the trees)
But evenings still meet us in meadows
to drink your big dreams with our tea
where your stars will sparkle and
glimmer and spark to grow
fire in free, thirsty spirits.

They always told us that we were like twins
too much together to notice.
But they were wrong!
So wrong!  I know.
We've always resided in your realm.
You tolerate no tyranny. 

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