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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chamber 5: The Nautilus on Destiny

(These are personal reflections which were inspired by watching the final episode of David Tennant's last season on Dr. Who.  A fact which I believe all ten of my readers will find humorous, nerdy, preposterous, and immature.  With this one I only ask that they please remember that a poem must not mean but be.  And that the poem was inspired by, but is not about, The Doctor.)

Either choose mundane nobility
or else adventure to omit the norm.
Concede your human exclusivities;
you cannot fish for flounder in a storm.
But fallacy is thinking you are writing
with pen poised over paper you have found.
Another gave you life and love and laughter
And, weeping, breathed into the worthless ground.
Can you ignore prophetic gasps and longings;
predictable as ocean ebb and tide?
Dare you refuse the drums to battle sounding?
Do not pretend to fight then run and hide.
Remarkable but quiet is your calling,
In silence fused with meaning you will die
Helpless, hopeful, happy in decision
Aware of when the diatoms collide.