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Friday, May 4, 2012

Awareness and Praise

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

And I want you to be aware.  Not because I have Lyme, but because yesterday I got one of the most exciting phone calls I've ever answered.  My dear friend and sister in the gospel was calling to tell me that she is Lyme free.  After 8 months of fighting the disease by undergoing  rigorous treatment, Liana is finally healed!  I praise God for this!

Why is this so exciting?

First of all, Liana was the human instrument God used to reveal to us that I was dealing with an advanced case of Lyme.  Looking back at some health records, we now believe that I've had an active case for 10 years.  If God had not put Liana in my life at just the right time, I would still be very sick, and I'd probably be paralyzed on the right side of my body.  Seeing the Lord's healing hand have victory over this vicious disease in her gives me hope for my own battle with it.

But more importantly, I rejoice because Liana's sickness and healing has brought great glory to God.  She has wrestled spiritually with the implications of illness and the Lord has been sanctifying her.  God is teaching her so much about His faithfulness in this necessary trial, and her response has been one of submission and obedience.  Now that she is free, He is being glorified in her praise and thanksgiving.  Liana has been a gospel-centered friend to me in my physical and spiritual weakness, and she constantly turns my gaze back to Christ when I am discouraged. Ultimately, we are learning together to remember that we are merely servants.  Our health belongs to the Giver of Life.  He has the right to give and take away.  May He be glorified!  

Today is a victory for the Healer of Diseases (Psalm 103:3).

Many health professionals will tell you that once you have Lyme, you have it for life.  I'm here to make you aware that we serve a God who reigns over the mysterious world of microbes.  He can and does heal people, even people with Lyme!

I am celebrating Lyme Awareness Month by praising God!  

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  1. Awesome!!!! Woohooooooo! God wins every time!!! let's believe Him when we think we're losing!!!