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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Old Thoughts

Thoughts from the first week of May (finally posted):

God has used certain passages of His Word at specific points in my life.  So much so that I often associate a certain year with a certain passage and when I read that section, I remember the work God did in my life during that time.  Does that resonate with anybody else?  

Some examples:
John 15 is from high school and so it was influential the year I came to know the Lord.  And freshman year of college was a lot of 2 Corinthians 3-7 on the blessings and pains of ministry and the glories of Christ being worth all that pain.  And then John 17...eternal life is knowing Christ!  Then, I spent the entirety of Sophomore year in Psalm 139 conquering some serious fears and also learning how Genesis-Revelation worked a year! Junior year was Revelation 4-5...God is worthy to be worshiped and His work on the cross secures the future when I will SEE Him!  This year has been the book of Isaiah (wow!) and trips in Galatians, and a long soak in Psalm 27, and a stroll through Philippians, the combined effect of which is to inflame me with the gospel!  Praise God who uses His Word to work change in His people!

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