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Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorable Quotations

Sorting through accumulated papers is never a fun job.  But it has to be done at the end of every semester, and today I finished the foot and a half high stack with laughter because I found a notebook full of funny things my daycare kids said.  I'm posting these for the humor and so that I can toss the papers. All of these actually came out of the mouths of kids under the age of five. Enjoy!

"I accidentally need a hug."

"I am scared of girls talking to other girls."  

"Don't kill that bug!  He is a helpful creature on this earth!  He is very brave!"

"What do you think I am, a platypus???"

"Only that I want is my toothbrush teeth." 

"I'm telling you that I don't have a bookbag and it's real!"

"Stephen just blowed his voice at me!"

"You aren't married?  Then just have a party and dance with all the boys and then pick the one you like best!"

"Grownups don't have mommies."

"Doesn't it tickle when you put straws in your nose?"

"My dad's name has a 'k' in it too!  His name is Alfred!"

"I guess nobody wants to see my armpits, because that's rude."

"I want to be a teacher one day so I can write names on the board."

"I just love pandas...I can't help it!"

"A million take away a thousand equals be quiet."

"All lost dogs are brown."

"Old is when you get crumbles on your scratches and you walk slow and you can't talk anymore.  You're just dead."