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Friday, February 28, 2014

Growing Up Human

It is, of course, essential
but it need not be done
there always is the option-
barbaric as it seems,
you can continue nibbling on the grass;
I am myself reluctant
caught as I am between the lovers' quarrel.
A generation yells the ancient wisdom,
the other waits aloof and unconvinced
The purpose (that which we call education):
protection from the failures of our past.
But then have we not all of us our scars
to hide or else to bare and so to use?
By now we recognize to great degree
that true experience cannot be shared.
Their uniforms are pressed, are clean
are brushed, and shoes are shined.
We send them out to do
as they have been prepared
and they will doubtless suffer
and though we cannot save
their combat boots fit well the prints
of those who walked this way
(for we have shaped them so)
we must then know there is a price to pay
to grow up human. 

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