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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


He is the Adam of the worlds
This resonates
like music in a vast and ancient hall
there is no such thing as isolation,
change may magnify as well as mar-
the ringing of a bell in Charn
may toll the death of one gold Lion
in a universe a jump away
for worlds are not so stable as we think

Yet what is Charn?
the dying world
ruled by immortal death,
frozen suns, burning ice
red lights in brilliant darknesses
the rage of deadly fire found attractive.

I am the calloused hand
clutching one cold hammer
waiting for the tone to wake the beast.
Listen to a bell to char the ears
Let go a hammer chafing in the hands

Where in the worlds is left to me but
the ground beneath His paws
on which the tears
of His compassion fall? 

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