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Thursday, September 26, 2013

9 Years of Septembers

2004- Dad's cancer is discovered just in time and the surgery saves his life.  My entire concept of God as "He owes me for my good behavior" is destroyed.

2005- After a year of wrestling with Him, my eyes are opened to the truth of the Gospel!  Made alive in Christ!  Love motivated is a vastly different way to live.

2006- Working at Chicfila and going to school at the same time gives me new, humbling opportunities to share Christ and trust Him with every day.

2007- Starting out my senior year excited to cherish every minute...but still ready to be done.  

2008-  As a freshman at Northland, God puts me on a ministry team teaching English to Hmong kids. I love it so much that I begin to wonder if I've been ignoring some obvious options.  For the first time, I doubt whether my plans are also God's plans.  

2009- Now an English Ed major, I've started to wonder what in the world God is doing.  But I've also started enjoying it a ton!  Plans for study abroad take shape.  Life is good. 

2010- Junior year...I'm rooming with this crazy, red-head.  We become kind of like sisters.  We laugh and cry and make cinnamon apples.  I didn't know that God would use all of this later in some big ways.

2011- Super sick! I'm packing to go home and figure out if I can get rid of Lyme disease.   

2012- Return visit to Brazil to encourage the Frays and get some closure after we lost Lydia.  God's gentle love is evident as He teaches me to cling to Him and accept sorrow.  

2013- Finally done with college.  Excited about whatever God has next!  Loving Him more every day.  More and more thankful for His grace!  

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  1. Beautiful! I love to see the plot unfold slowly and wonder at His grace and perfect plans! (even crazy, red heads)

    Lova ya "sis"