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Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Review: Revolution in World Missions

The landscape of missions-related books is littered with ideas ranging from odd to faddish.  Contrastly, Yohannan's work infuses the conversation with passion and experience.  I'm still personally thinking through a lot of what he says, but his main point is well made.  Believers in the West need to reconsider the way we do things when it comes to sending missionaries.  And we need to be willing to sacrifice for the gospel.  Yohannan offers a reasonable, workable solution to the problem of Western missions deputation costs by redirecting funds to indigenous missionaries, and he levels well-aimed, yet humble critique at the worldliness of the Western church.  As I said, I'm still thinking through his approach, but from what I can tell he is biblical.  He emphasizes the Word and prayer, and it seems that those who train under his ministry reproduce disciples that reproduce.  If you're interested in missions at all, this book is important because it discusses a very relevant topic that all gospel-spreading churches need to be aware of in the organization of their missions philosophies.  

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