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Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Days are Like That

Normally, my biggest complaint about being here at Northland is the weather.  If you've never been in 20 below with gusts over 10mph, you won't understand why I am very tempted to lose my sanctification over something as "small" as the weather.  After you've had your face freeze and your insides quiver for several minutes just walking to class, you'll be able to dig around in your heart and find some empathy.  But recently, the weather hasn't been so terrible.  It's wet.  It's cold.  It's not Virginia.  But it's okay.  Today, my problems are mostly personal.  And it looks like this...

I like oatmeal.  The good, hearty kind with the clusters and nuts.  Just about every morning, I tumble out of bed and turn on the teapot so I can get ready while my oatmeal gets hot.  
This morning was no different.  The usual battle with the alarm clock was followed by a refreshing drink from Psalm 89.  Then time to face the day.  

Teapot full of water. Check.
Click the button "on."  Check.
Begin the process of taming my static ridden hair.
Decide which shoes will match today's outfit. 
Teapot clicks off and the water is hot. 
Grab a bowl and a packet of oatmeal...
Tear open the package and pour it instantly into the trashcan.

WHAT!? Wait! NO!  That is NOT what I meant to do! (Panic sets in.)  Save it!  Somehow!?  Gather the oats!  (Followed quickly by despair...) How?  They are all over the trash....and falling to the bottom of the's....hopeless. Sigh...

Begin the process again.  

I don't know.  Some days are just like that.  
Some days, you breeze to class and take thorough notes with full comprehension and lots of enjoyment. 
Other days you start out by emptying a completely fresh packet of oatmeal into the trashcan for no reason other than your brain isn't communicating well with your hands.  

As my mom says, "Every day can't be a party."  

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