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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Appreciation

Am I the only one who thinks that pasta tastes better in October?  There is something distinctly autumnal about Italian food.  The reds and browns of the sauces and meats, the warm, cozy smell of the melted cheese, and the paradoxically full sensation of all those empty carbs settling after the meal....I was on an anti-inflammatory diet for 9 months.  So I'm allowed to enjoy a bowl of baked ziti every now and then.  :)  Pasta is like the solid-food equivalent of a cup of raspberry chai.  And raspberry chai is like a cup of Christmas anticipation.  And every good reader knows that anticipation is better than the real thing.  It isn't the actual day of Christmas that makes the season so enjoyable.  It's everything that leads up to it.  Woah...sorry.  This post is about the things to enjoy about fall. It's not time for Christmas posts yet. As a celebration of the one year anniversary of this blog (which happens next month....) I thought this would be a perfect time to make my Autumn Appreciation List.  Every day, I have a 15-20 minute drive to the school where I'm completing my teaching internship, and the scenery is ravishing.  While I write this post, hurricane Sandy is tearing up the coast and doing a lot of unexpected things, like dumping frigid Atlantic water all over the colors making them run with seasonal intensity.  So instead of a Rembrandt, I'm enjoying a Monet.  It's kind of nice.
Here are ten things to appreciate before the Christmas season starts (Which is, of course, the day after Thanksgiving.)

1. Tri-colored trees and other versicolor marvels.  
My favorite tree this fall is in the field behind the module where my desk is at school.  Divided into perfect thirds, the top is a bursting flame of red, the middle smolders deep orange, and the lower third glints brilliant yellow.  One tree.  Three colors.  A complete destruction of my immature theory that types of trees turn specific colors.  The glorious disrobing of the trees to reveal their charming festival garb.  

2. Walks to feed the ducks at the end of the street eventually leading to the playground and ending in hot chocolate.  For obvious reasons.

3. The smell of burning and dead leaves.  Because that is the sort of smell that anticipates Christmas.

4. Chai.  Especially raspberry.

5. Thick blanket, cup of tea, and Island of the World by Michael O'Brien.

6. Socks and sweatshirts.  (Mostly on Saturday)

7.  Finally, the freedom to begin cycling through my collection of scarves for every outfit.

8. Candy corn. (If it's SO bad for you, then why does it taste so good!???)    

9. The old Disney version of "Robin Hood."  (Who-da-lally, who-da-lally, golly what a day!)

10. Rain with wind like in the book, "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day."  

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