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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Inspired by Tennyson

Ulysses in me sought horizons,
Deeper seas, and higher cliffs,
Battles harder won found in
Adventure in the freer world.
And now I look down from the crag
Upon the battle and the world
The dust of lands I’ve traveled through,
Clings to my well-worn robe,
And covers all the prideful scars,
Gained seeking fortune all abroad.
Attained have I the world I sought,
I conquered what I came to claim,
But drowning triumph’s laughter-song,
A mourner’s wailing bellows loud,
Bemoaning every taken step
That farther took me from my home.
Journeys have their place in time
And youth may seek his pleasure there,
But ready have I made my feet
To find again my resting place.
Most searing is the pain I know
The agony of broken hopes
Retracing my destructive path
From ship-wrecked loves and severed friendships,
Lost en route to destiny,
To find them, I must hurry on,
For travels do not satisfy,
Exhilaration loses heat
And I must seek the warmth of home
Or die in frozen ecstasy.

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